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  • Our Advantages
    Mission and Priorities


    Knowledge of the French model of Information Technology development and Georgian environment lets Netiko’s stuff focused on the Georgian market to understand and respond the market demands.


    We create quality digital products that have a special impact on our corporate clients and their customers. Moreover, the company Netiko helps you plan your projects using well-calculated marketing moves on the Internet.

    We understand that the success of our customers in the internet market is an integral part of our success. That is why the quality and proper efficiency of each work is our main task.

    Netiko's  Portfolio is an image of the company that is a key instrument to establish a relationship with potential partners of us.  That's why we take special care of its development.


    Individual marketing approaches

    In the process of working on each product, we use an individual marketing approach and take into account the tastes and expectations of the third party with whom the client company operates.

    Our goal is to enable our customers to earn the loyalty of their customers, earn sympathy, and make their own products even more recognizable and desirable with the help of original design and convenient details.


    Friendly websites and apps

    In the modern world, the Internet is the best way to connect with customers. The website is very often the place where the client makes the first impression of the company, which leads to his further interest.

    Well-designed websites and online PR campaigns are increasingly becoming a crucial factor in organizational success in handling competition.

    Therefore, the purpose of the website and app is to make the information understandable to any user, to make it easy and efficient as possible for the visitors, to create a positive impression on the company, and increase its awareness.

    Consumers often do not have the time, joy, or sometimes enough resources to figure out and process the complex design, structural and technological solutions you have come up with.

    Netiko's production is characterized by user-friendly, original designs, convenient, well-maintained software, and special care for site details.

    Advertising campaigns through digital channels

    The company Netiko owns free ad portals around the world, allowing companies operating in different countries around the world to run cheap and effective advertising and PR campaigns.



    We are particularly concerned about the security of our product software using software and possible testing methods for possible vulnerabilities.

    Netiko's websites are hosted on French and other Western European servers, which guarantees additional security for our clients.

    Moreover, the local network often disconnects the local or global network from Internet provider companies, which is accompanied by the disconnection of sites located on Georgian servers. Netiko's clients are completely protected from systemic or predetermined deficiencies of providers.


    Punctuality in Netiko

    In a competitive market, Netiko recognizes particular importance of deadlines. For us, it is a matter of dignity to fulfill the plan agreed with the client and respect the deadlines.

    Therefore, Netiko meets your requirement in accordance with the pre-calculated plan in a minimum period of time, which means a minimum of energy, time, and money for our clients.


    Website management

    Netiko pays great attention to the dynamics of the product interface and the simplicity of the control panels so that the management of the website is simple and at the same time multifunctional for the administrator. We care about the comfort of your employees. With its user-friendly management system, Netiko's products allow you to perform complex operations easily and independently.

    Our goal is to make maximum comfort for our customers and with the help of mutually beneficial solutions, we can build long-term partnerships with them.


    Attitudes towards partners

    The field of digital technology is a dynamic and constantly evolving world, where with the new trends in the web, growing competition is constantly increasing the demand for companies to meet the latest standards. To maintain competitiveness, companies periodically resort to the modernization of websites and other digital organizational tools.

    We understand that Netiko partners may still need our services. Therefore, it is especially important for Netiko to cooperate with customers and maintain friendly and partnership relations with them through loyalty programs and campaigns.


    Trainings and support

    As part of each project, we provide free training for the partner company's employees so that they can manage and update the product independently. Also, after the completion of the project, we provide free data generation and technical support for one month in connection with certain opinions expressed by the client during the use of the site.