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Upload your ads for free and in a few clicks Gancxadebebi! You want to sell, rent or buy: http://www.gancxadebebi.ge

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    In order to promote the development of the Internet in Georgia, Netico has implemented several major projects. Among them, we have created multilingual portals of free ads, the foreign analogues of which have been operating in many countries around the world for a long time and, following the growing pace of globalization, significantly facilitates the relationship and effective trade among international business entities.



    gancxadebebi.ge currently has more than 20,000 unique visitors and more than 300,000 registered users daily.

    With such initiatives, Netiko is trying to fill the Georgian web space with useful, high-quality and interesting projects for the society.

    We have already introduced similar platforms in many local markets around the world and operate on four continents:

    France, Georgia, United States of America, China, Belgium, Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, New Caledonia, India, New Zealand, Lithuania, Montreal (Canada), Thailand, Malaysia, Reunion Island, Mauritius.

    We will continue to offer interesting projects in the Georgian and international Internet space, and companies that want to advertise and promote their products in international markets will be able to use cheap and effective digital products.


    jober.ge (the analogues of it are already operating in Belgium, Canada and France) was recently launched in the Georgian network and after the completion of the current reconstruction, will offer many innovations to the Georgian digital market.

    saxliko.ge - our new product - Georgian analogue of the platform already operating in France, is already in trial mode and through a simple, sophisticated interface creates a unique consumer experience in the Georgian web space for those who are interested in real estate markets.